‘What it seems’ is the title of a story written and illustrated by Niels. In 2016 he graduated with this project from the University of the arts Utrecht (HKU) The story tells of the fictional character Iqare. Each chapter of the story is a phase in his life.

‘One day,Iqare finds a peculiar stone that will change his life forever’

The story draws inspiration from alchemy and gently refers to the mythological tale The fall of Icarus. Music, voice-over, and hand painted sceneries guide the visitors through the story of Iqare. In collaboration with studio Team Curry and other talented friends they published the story online: www.whatitseems.com

Through the years this project has evolved into a parallel universe, an ongoing project where Niels deals with life’s puzzles and translates experiences into new additions to What it seems. New chapters will be published in the future.


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